Who is Maria ?!

Maria is a sexducational tool designed for the ThinkPad series of laptop computers. This is an experiment to use the available technology in a way it was not ment to be used for the purpose of ... Well, something but mainly researching the interfaces in the human <-> computer/robot interaction. You can use it because you want to perfect your own skills. You can use it because you are horny single 36years old who has not much time to meet real Marias. You can use it because you always wanted to make love with robots. You can use it because you are bored at work and have nothing else to do or you can use it just for the laughs.

The name "Maria" comes from the Fritz Lang movie "Metropolis".


Turn the volume Up! Yes... I made a typo but feel lazy to edit it again.

What now ?!

Maria uses "Release Early, Release Often" philosophy. Right now she is using very basic and rudimental algorithm for simulation but we plan to improve it a lot. How? Mainly by your feedback! That is correct. Help us perfect Maria with your experience and suggestions! Help us perfect Maria with your moaning sounds!

Marked with red color are the new sensors we plan to add to Maria! Think about the best way how to use them and improve Marias simulation! You can see how we "missed" to mark the network interface?! Oh yeah.... even affraid to think about it right now!


Dependencies are: Grab the source:
git clone http://podaci.binarni.org/maria.git/



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