Remember the sabbath day


I made a small Python script for checking how many Git commits have been done during the weekend days. It is a simple idea. Only mark the days when commits have been done. Don’t think too much about number of commits or how many changes have been done. It is up to us to interpret the graph, but you apply it on a project which has been going on for a very long time you can kind of read some things out of it.

Look at the picture above. Graph in the top left corner is from a commercial project. Clearly, nobody cares about it over the weekend. Percentage of activity is around 20%, which means that work has been spread proportionally.

Graph in the bottom right corner is from Django repository. More or less this is how all big Open Source projects look like with lot of participants. Work evenly spread over the entire week.

You can find out more here:

Vjetre s Dinare

Neka naša interna šala sa kravom, gelom za kosu i srednjovjekovnim patriotizmom. Složeno u 10 minuta sa Image Magickom (uzeti frameove iz animgifa), youtube-dl (uzeti video sa youtubea), ffmpeg-om (uzeti mp3 iz videa), Audacity-jem (editirati audio) i iMoviem (montaža). Bio bi avidemux u priči ali nešto me nije volio.


Ed Logg used morse code in his code as fraud protection. When other vendors would copy their ROM they would usually remove Atari copyright attribution. This was not something they would notice and it was used by Atari against them in court.

This was used in a game called Centipede. Ed worked on it together with Dona Bailey (one of the few female game programmers at that time).

.BYTE 2, 0BB, 5A, 30 (where 0 is dot and 1 is dash and nothing for a space)
.BYTE 5F, 0EE, 7D, 0A8 ; Morse code for "COPYRIGHT 1980 ATARI"

Importer 3000!


Importer 3000 is here! What is it? It could be the most important moment in the history of Booktype! It could be, but in reality it is just a basic upload form I did for testing new ebook library.


And yes, it could easily look like this but would anyone believe me I have spend more then 5 minutes on this task? Can that simple form explain why am I so excited about new ebook library? Probably not and that is why we have Google fonts and shiny colors! If you are trying to present couple of months of research and work you have spend on backend code, try to use them. It can not hurt.