[FM Discuss] thanks mr bush!

Evo ga prenosim mail koji je Adam postao na FLOSS Manuals mailing listu… oh da.. objavili smo joÅ¡ jedan plugin.


FLOSS Manuals has very good reasons to be grateful to the imperialist
foreign policy of the USA and President G.W Bush.

Due to the visit of Mr Bush to Zagreb today to welcome Croatia to Nato,
the town was closed to business for the afternoon. This meant that our
dear Aco, FM developer and all round charming guy, was given 1/2 a day
off from work which he kindly decided to dedicate to finishing the
release version of our Localize plugin. The end result is our fourth
official code release to the TWiki repository 🙂

Localize is a plugin we have been using for a while but now it is
cleaned up and committed to the GPL TWiki code base. The plugin
(actually a ‘contrib’ in TWiki terms) enables the translating of .po
files which are the language interface files for TWiki (and
consequently, for FM).

It has a lot more functionality to it, and if you want to know exactly
what it is about you can check it out here:

Thanks to Mr Bush (…and Aco)!


Adam Hyde
FLOSS Manuals