E-Book Web Reader ~ Rheya ~


I had a small coding sprint over the weekend. It would probably be better if I played Minecraft entire weekend but somehow i couldn’t stay still until I put my thoughts into code….

The code is not really representative, I just wanted to check the feeling of using this new Web interface for the books. I have two not fully functional interfaces: desktop and mobile one. I am aware it does not work on Android (the footer), the inner frame do not resize as they should and some buttons do not work. Like I said… just a proof of concept for now. But a proof of concept which has support for keyboard shortcuts and you can change color/text theme. What more do you need?!


But when it is finished… ohhhhh when it is finished! It will work in offline mode, it will support bookmarks, sharing, annotations and many many more things. It can read epub2/epub3 books for now but I will integrate it with Booktype online books when I get some free time.

You can check the code here:
* https://github.com/aerkalov/ebook-web-reader/wiki

Demo books:
* https://www.binarni.net/projects/rheya/metropolis/ (Desktop version)
* https://www.binarni.net/projects/rheya/the-binary-chronicles/ (Desktop version)
* https://www.binarni.net/projects/rheya/metropolis/mobile.html (iPad version)
* https://www.binarni.net/projects/rheya/the-binary-chronicles/mobile.html (iPad version)

Soooo…. what do you think? Would this be a good interface for online/offline books?